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Interior Cleaning and Sealing

We deep-clean and permanently seal countertops, backsplashes, grout lines, floors, entryways, showers, tub-surrounds, fireplaces, and all other stone surfaces, making them impervious to staining and easy to keep clean.


Outdoor Surfaces

We clean and permanently seal exterior surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and patios to protect them from staining, efflorescence, freeze-thaw, mold, and a host of other potential problems that we face here in the Pacific Northwest.


Seal It For Forever

Our sealer was originally developed in 1991 as a sealant to protect large structures made of concrete, such as bridges, docks, and piers, with the toughest conditions. From this original product, a sealer was developed for residential use.

Providing Clients With A Sealer That Lasts Forever

Seal Team One is dedicated to helping customers throughout the Greater Seattle Area with service that will last a lifetime.

Granite and other natural stone materials are preferred for up-scale homes and commercial buildings as they provide a classic look, while still remaining resilient and durable. Although these materials appear to be maintenance free, in fact all of them are porous and must be sealed in order to be protected against staining and dirt build-up.

Over time, oils, food stains, mold, mildew, and dirt will affect the look of your stone surfaces, and make them very difficult to keep clean and water penetration can damage the inner structure of the stone itself. Seal Team One provides a one-time process that will literally solve these problems forever.

Seal Team One Provides A Wide Range of Services, Including:

  • Cleaning and Permanently Sealing Stone and Grout
  • Repair and Restorations services
  • Grout and Caulking
  • Cleaning and Permanently Sealing Exterior Surfaces Such as Driveways and Patios

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  • "Denny, Thank you for the outstanding service and great staff. I am very satisfied with the quality of customer service and project completion."
    -Fox Island
  • "Jake and Jim did a great job here. They worked very hard to make my tile floors look like new. I am very pleased with the results and will be happy to give Forever Seal as a reference. Both Jake and Jim were most professional and careful. They are a credit to your company. -Sandy"
    -Bainbridge Island
  • "Your crew was extremely professional. They arrived on time, were courteous and hard working. They answered all my questions and addressed my concerns, itís nice to know that companies like yours still exist. Thank you! "
  • "We were so pleased with the level of detail, knowledge and most of all hard work that Jake did on our master bath. His work was beyond our expectations. You should be very proud to have hired and trained him to become so professional. We will recommend Forever Seal to our friends and clients. If you would send us some of your business cards we would be happy to display them in our office. Thank you again for a job well done! "