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Outdoor Services In Kirkland & Seattle, WA

Exterior surfaces composed of natural stone and/or concrete and brick need to be sealed in order to help protect them against efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, and spalling.

Sealing Your Outdoor Surfaces

Our sealers are vastly superior to the others, with performance that is un-matched. The unique formulation provides maximum depth of penetration, and creates a chemical bond to the material, resulting in permanent protection against efflorescence, salt attack, and freeze-thaw damage….while allowing the treated product to remain "breathable" so that moisture trapped below the surface can escape freely as water vapor.

Our sealers provide maximum oil and water repellency for permanent stain protection of Natural Stone, Pavers, Tile, Concrete, Terrazzo, Brick, and Grout.

We clean and seal a wide range of exterior surfaces, including:

  • Driveways and walkways
  • Patios
  • Barbeques and outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor Countertops
  • Steps and Staircases
  • Garage and Shop Floors

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