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Jake and Jim did a great job here. They worked very hard to make my tile floors look like new. I am very pleased with the results and will be happy to give Forever Seal as a reference. Both Jake and Jim were most professional and careful. They are a credit to your company.


I wanted to share with you my thoughts about my experience with your terrific crew and let you know how impressed I was at the dedication to excellence exhibited by Vera, Jim and Jake. To say the crew cleans, repairs, and seals the tile is an understatement. The product is only as good as the skill level of the technicians who analyze the scope of work involved, then decide how to approach each aspect of the process to get the best results for the client and the company.


It has been so long since you guys were down here, you have probably forgotten all about us by now. Well, we have not forgotten about Forever Seal and it appears that we will not soon be forgetting about the job you did. Every time I walk into the master bathroom and the marble and granite blast me with their bright luster and beauty I think of Forever Seal. And then I walk into the kitchen and the formerly dull looking black granite lights up and shines like ti did in the show room when we bought it, I think of Denny and Forever Seal. This was the best $1800 I ever spent.

The team that you sent down here to do the work was fabulous. Jake and Vera did a great job and they were genuinely interested in bringing our dead granite and marble back to life. They made you and your company look like professionals and were a delight to have in our house for 2 days. In fact, I was so impressed with their performance that I tipped them each $100.

I tell anyone who will listen about your fantastic service, and the end result, and I am hopefule that it will result in increased business for you.

Thank you again for coming all the way down here and doing such a marvelous job.


First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for getting our granite counter tops done quickly! We love it! Your technician Jake did a FABULOUS job. He is very professional, detail oriented, and very reliable. You can count on him. We were very impressed with the outstanding job he did. You are fortunate to have him on your TEAM! On another note, when you get a chance, please send me a quote on getting our front walkway done and we would love to have Jake back to do the job if possible. Many Thanks!


We were so pleased with the level of detail, knowledge and most of all hard work that Jake did on our master bath. His work was beyond our expectations. You should be very proud to have hired and trained him to become so professional. We will recommend Forever Seal to our friends and clients. If you would send us some of your business cards we would be happy to display them in our office. Thank you again for a job well done!

Beth & Robert

Denny, Thank you for the outstanding service and great staff. I am very satisfied with the quality of customer service and project completion.


I know I asked a lot of questions and was a bit skeptical so I’d like you to know that I am very happy, as you predicted, with the seal on all surfaces. Just the other day I tipped my nail polish remover bottle over on the bathroom countertop. I almost had a heart attack thinking how it would damage the surface. All I did was wipe it up, cleaned it with warm water and voila no damage. I have spread the word about you.

Kyle & Liz

I always love going into my kitchen and seeing the counter look so good after all your hard work and the same for the entry marble floor. The real joy is to see how the stamped concrete in front and back now blends so well with the slate patio, rain or shine, ever since you brought back the colors and intensity. You are a miracle worker!

Sarah & David

Your people are fantastic! They worked for hours and hours on my really ugly shower. The results are amazing, it looks like new! Just can’t thank you enough.


Your crew was extremely professional. They arrived on time, were courteous and hard working. They answered all my questions and addressed my concerns, it’s nice to know that companies like yours still exist. Thank you!

Joe & Kate

I found you via a Google search. Frankly, I am always a bit wary of finding someone via the internet to invite into my home and to perform services. I could not find anyone in the area that seemed to have a quality product and range of services that pertained to my needs. I found lots of companies that were in out and on to the next job and that could clean my windows, carpets and upholstering all at the same time. I was looking for a specialist and found what I was looking for in your company. Thank you for the time you spent and a superior job.

Ken & Patty

We are very pleased with the sealing, Jody. Wanted you to know. My marble table is renewed! Thank you for your awesome service, from the estimator (owner?), to you and the guys who did the work. All awesome. We heard about you initially from KVI radio by the way. Glad we did. I hope you get some more work over here ar the new condos in Tacoma. I'll spread the good word.

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