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Providing Clients With a Clean That Lasts Forever

Seal Team One is dedicated to helping customers throughout the U.S. with service that will last a lifetime. We have locations in Western Washington, Seattle, Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, and Arizona. Find your location here.

Granite and other natural stone materials are preferred for upscale homes and commercial buildings as they provide a classic look, while still remaining resilient and durable. Although these materials appear to be maintenance free, in fact, all of them are porous and must be sealed in order to be protected against staining and dirt build-up.

We have your stone surfaces covered: Marble Honing & Polishing, Granite Honing, Stone Sealing & Refinishing, Countertop Restoration, Marble Refinishing, Concrete Driveway Sealing, Garage & Shop Floor Sealing, and so much more!

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Over time, oils, food stains, mold, mildew, and dirt will affect the look of your stone surfaces, and make them very difficult to keep clean….and water penetration can damage the inner structure of the stone itself. Seal Team One provides a one-time process that will literally solve these problems forever.

Seal Team One Provides A Wide Range Of Services:

If you want those old tiles on the bathroom floor to look new again, or you want to protect your new granite countertops from future damage, Seal Team One can help. As seen on HGTV, CBS Sunday Morning, King 5 TV News, Kiro TV news, and the Better Business Bureau, we are a trustworthy company with locations in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada & Washington, that you can rely on to protect your stone and grout surfaces.

If you have any questions about caring for and protecting granite, grout, concrete, brick, slate, tile and/or other stone surfaces—please give us a call at (866) 929-7325.


We deep-clean and permanently seal countertops, backsplashes, grout lines, floors, and more!

OR CALL - (866) 929-7325

National Leader for Stone Sealing & Refinishing

Seal Team One’s proprietary stone sealer will ensure your stone surfaces stay like-new for years to come. But what if your stone needs to be refinished? We do that too!

We know that you don’t want to seal your surfaces until they are in the best condition possible. Our team can clean your surfaces including tile floor cleaning, shower hard water removal, backsplash cleaning, concrete cleaning, and countertop cleaning.

Plus, if your surface needs repaired, we do that too. We offer granite repair, granite polishing, granite honing, marble polishing, marble honing, and so much more!