Tile isn’t the only surface of your home that requires sealant. Sealing your driveway is just as important to protect against, weather damage, color change, mold, and more. In addition, you can use our concrete driveway maintenance tips to help keep your driveway damage-free and looking nice.

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Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re sporting a brand new concrete driveway or want to know how to maintain a concrete driveway you’ve had for years, follow these tips on concrete maintenance and repair to extend the life and appeal of your driveway.

Clean the Concrete Regularly

Cleaning your driveway regularly is the best defense against unsightly stains and corrosion. Although you can hire a professional to do this, a home pressure washer is usually sufficient to keep your driveway clean.

If you have stains or grease, try hot soapy water and a stiff non-wire brush. This should work for most clean-up jobs. Alternatively, you can also use a degreaser for oil spills or other stubborn grease stains.

Avoid Spills

One of our most important concrete driveway maintenance tips involves vehicle maintenance. There is no question that avoiding spills is easier than cleaning them. So if you plan to change your oil or perform maintenance on your truck, it’s better to do so off the driveway.

If a different location isn’t an option, then protect the surface by laying down cardboard or other surface coverage so spills and grease don’t drip directly onto the concrete itself.

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Don’t Overload Your Driveway

 Concrete driveway maintenance tips sometimes overlook the more subtle driveway dilemmas. Most driveways are not designed to support the weight of large moving trucks, construction, or other commercial-sized vehicles. The weight of such vehicles can compromise the integrity of your concrete, leading to cracks and chips.

Furthermore, when heavy vehicles are positioned near the edges of the driveway, it can cause chips and damage to the borders, all of which should be avoided.

Park weight-bearing vehicles on the street.

Tips for Dealing with Snow

 Salt and chemical deicers will deteriorate your concrete over time. A better option is to shovel the snow carefully with a raised plow or smooth shovel, then sprinkle sand on top of the snow for traction. The sand can be easily swept up in the spring and won’t damage surrounding landscaping the way salt and chemicals will.

Fix Small Cracks Right Away

Small cracks can occur even when you’re doing everything right. Natural settling of the ground, as well as normal usage, contribute to small cracks.

It’s important to fill these cracks right away. Otherwise, weeds can erupt and before you know it, you’re looking at resurfacing your entire driveway.

Fix small cracks now with an appropriate repair product found at your local hardware store. Little concrete driveway maintenance tips like this will save you money (and headaches) later on.

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