Although most of your attention probably goes towards maintaining the tile in your kitchen or bathroom, the grout holding your tile floors or counters together is just as important. Damaged or discolored grout can affect the appearance of the tile around it, making your entire bathroom or kitchen look dull and dirty as a result. Fortunately, there are professional grout repair companies that can restore your grout and make your tile surfaces look brand new. You have two options when it comes to grout restoration—staining or regrouting. Here’s a closer look at these grout restoration options.

Grout Sealing

If your grout is unsealed, one method to refresh the look of a tile surface is to have the grout professionally cleaned, stained, and sealed. After the grout is thoroughly cleaned, grout stain will be applied to improve its color and appearance. After the stain dries, a special grout sealer is applied to keep moisture, stains, and mold at bay. The sealant also helps maintain the color of the grout so your tile surfaces look like new for years to come.


Depending on the age and condition of the existing grout, your best option might be to replace the original grout. Regrouting should be done by a professional, especially if you have expensive porcelain tiles that might easily be chipped during the regrouting process if performed by unskilled hands. After the new grout is installed, be sure to have it sealed to keep it looking like new for many years to come.

Hiring a Professional

Whether you need to have your grout cleaned or replaced completely, be sure to hire a reputable grout repair company. Look for a company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offers free grout repair estimates, that way you can feel confident that you won’t be taken advantage of or stuck with an expensive and unexpected bill for grout repair.