homeowner's guide to grout repairGrout is a material that is used to seal and bond tile materials. If your bathroom or kitchen areas contain tiled surfaces, chances are that your home contains a considerable amount of grout. Over time, grout can become damaged and discolored by routine wear and tear. Fortunately, a company offering grout cleaning and grout repair can help you restore your grout to a like-new condition. By scheduling grout restoration with a highly rated company, you can rest assured that your professionals will do a great job when fixing and sealing your grout. To help you know what to expect from this service, here is a homeowner’s guide to grout repair.

Assessing the Damage 

The first step of a professional grout repair service is to assess the total amount of damage that has been done to your grout. Your grout repair technician will determine which areas of your grout need to be replaced, and which can be improved with simple cleaning. In addition, your technician will also be on the lookout for the underlying causes of your grout damage, including water damage and other issues.

Removing the Old Grout

Once the grout damage has been assessed, the next step of grout repair is to remove the old and damaged grout. In order to repair your grout properly, your technician will need to used a specialized grout removal tool. By using a power grout remover, your grout repair team will be able to easily extract all of the damaged grout from your tile.

Placing New Grout

After all of the old and damaged grout has been removed, the final step of grout repair is to place brand new grout between each tile. This procedure must be performed very carefully to ensure that grout does not stain the surface of the tile. The grout will also be sealed to prevent further damage in the future. Once your grout repair has been completed, your bathroom or kitchen will be provided with a beautiful new look.

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