Marble is a beautiful, timeless stone that lends its elegance to our homes. So, “How often should I seal my marble countertops?” you ask? The fact of the matter is, even stone professionals discuss different approaches to properly sealing natural stones, like marble.

Marble, like other stones, varies naturally in color, porosity, hardness, and mineral composition, which lends itself to some open discussion about its care. The best way to approach when to seal marble countertops is from a consumer standpoint.

Let’s roll around some facts and recommendations to answer that question.

When Should I Seal My Marble Countertops?

Our stone professionals will educate you on why and when marble countertops need to be sealed. Take a look.

how often should I seal my marble countertops

Why Do Marble Countertops Need to Be Sealed?

In short, the reason why I seal my marble countertops is that I want my natural stone to look nice for a long, long time. Marble is a softer stone than, say, granite. It is more susceptible to scratches, and less resistant to acids.

What does this mean? Well, it means you may develop permanent stains if your marble is not sealed properly. Think: red wine, lemon juice, tomatoes… all acidic, all make unsealed marble vulnerable. Even something as simple as water rings can put unsealed marble at risk.

Sealing marble countertops should get off to a safe start. It is common practice in the stone industry for the installer to seal natural stone countertops and floors during the installation process. At that point, it is up to the homeowner to keep it up.

when to seal marble countertops

When Should I Seal Marble Countertops?

So this begs the question, “How often should I seal my marble countertops?” Good news! There is a simple test you can do to determine if your marble needs to be sealed. Follow these steps:

  • Pour 1/4 cup water onto a small area of the marble
  • Wait 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off
  • Dry the area with a paper towel or soft cloth

If the surface where you poured the water shows any discoloration or darkness compared to the rest of the counter, then it’s time to reseal the marble.

Most stone experts recommend sealing your marble countertops every 3-6 months, depending on the color and quality of the marble. To preserve the quality of your stone surface, you need to be diligent about sealing it.

Do Marble Countertops Need to be Sealed by a Professional?

Yes. And no. Many homeowners opt to use DIY products to seal countertops and floors in between when they have their natural stone professionally serviced. Make sure a thorough cleaning is performed before sealing your counters to avoid trapping in unwanted dirt or stains.

Caution: DIY treatments should not replace professional cleaning and sealing! If you want your marble to look as nice as the day it was installed, then professional care is a must. For example, if you seal the countertops yourself at the 3-month mark, then a professional clean and seal treatment should be done at the 6-month interval.

Whether you are interested in cleaning and sealing a natural stone surface or another type of surface, our highly trained technicians can assist you. Contact Seal Team One today for a free estimate!