Pavers continue to be a popular and beautiful way to create aesthetic appeal for any landscape design. Knowing how to clean and maintain pavers will keep your brick pavers looking nice for years to come. We’ve got some practical tips on paver maintenance to help you retain the value and condition of your pavers.

How to Clean and Maintain Pavers


The easiest and most routine practice to paver maintenance is to sweep thoroughly and often with a stiff broom. This simple step will keep the majority of dirt and debris off your brick pavers and keep them looking nice and clean. You can use the broom to sweep pavers that are stacked vertically also, as they collect dirt and dust just like the ones on the ground.

Rinse or Pressure Wash

Periodically rinse your pavers to keep them clean. Rinsing your pavers can be done using your everyday garden hose- a nozzle makes this task easy as you can direct the stream of water exactly where you want it. Using a pressure washer from time to time will have your pavers shiny and restored to their original color. Pressure washing removes the deep-rooted dirt and grime that has set in over time.

Cleaning Solution

Whether or not you have a pressure washer, it’s a good idea to mix a cleaning solution of water and dish soap to wash your pavers with. Including a solution wash as part of your paver maintenance keeps them clean and helps maintain their stunning colors and shine. If you have noticed any stains that shouldn’t be there, a cleaning solution may be just what you need to get rid of the discoloration. However, if you determine a stain is oil-based, you will need an oil remover to achieve desired results.


The quickest way to allow the elements to erode your pavers is to leave them unsealed. A key tip to paver maintenance is to have the pavers sealed in order to protect their color and surface integrity. This particular step to maintain pavers is a bit tricky- this is one area where you may want to hire a professional to make sure the sealant is applied correctly and completely seals your pavers. Sealant designed for brick pavers will:

  • prevent stains from setting in
  • protect the brick itself from wearing down more than necessary
  • give a nice shine to the surface of the paver
  • make cleaning and maintaining pavers easier
  • inhibit weed and mold growth
  • prevent insect invasion

The sealant should be reapplied every 1-3 years according to product recommendations.

paver maintenanceRepair and Replace

As you regularly maintain pavers, you should take note of any cracked or damaged pavers that need repair or replacement. Fixing damaged pavers right away will help maintain the integrity of those adjacent to it.

Knowing how to clean and maintain pavers empowers you and lets you enjoy your spectacular landscaping for decades.