While we can all appreciate the beauty of a tiled floor or shower, very few of us may want to put in the work to clean and maintain tiled surfaces. This could be because we believe doing so is a long and tiresome job. The professionals at Seal Team One are here to tell you that cleaning tiled surfaces doesn’t have to feel like hard labor.

The Keys to Sheen and Shine: How to Clean and Maintain Tiled Surfaces

Just because your grout and floor and shower tiles need some special attention doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Our comprehensive guide has suggestions for how to easily clean and maintain tiled surfaces so they can look their gleaming best.

Tips for Cleaning Tiled Floors

One of the best features of tiled floors is that they’re easy to clean. But there is a process to cleaning tiled floors to keep them looking their best. Though it may be tempting to just mop them down, we suggest sweeping or vacuuming first to get rid of loose dirt that could otherwise turn to grime with a wet mop. Similarly, we suggest drying the floors after washing to further prevent grimy buildup.

How to Clean Grout Properly

Our guide on how to clean and maintain tiled surfaces would be incomplete without giving some attention to how to clean tile grout. While grout often takes a backseat to tile, it’s the grout that will make even a clean floor look dirty if allowed to absorb too much dirt and grime. Some quick tile and grout cleaning tips include:

  • Investing in professional tile and grout sealing.
  • Cleaning by spraying a neutral daily cleaner directly on tile.
  • Using a microfiber mop or clean towel to remove cleaning solution from grout.

Removing Soap Scum From Shower Tiles

Soap scum is the first building block of dirty shower tiles and can be difficult to remove if allowed to build up over time. Our soap scum removal tips not only show how to clean ceramic tile shower but other shower surfaces such as door glass, shower curtains and fixtures with natural cleaning supplies.

Our best recommendation to prevent a soap scum takeover is to clean your shower surfaces after each use with a daily spray cleaner and keep up with regular deeper cleaning. If soap scum seems to be winning the battle in your shower, Seal Team One is here to provide professional shower cleaning service.

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Best Products for Cleaning Tile and Grout

There is a multitude of products on store shelves that claim to clean tile and grout safely and effectively. However, not all cleaning products are made equal. Seal Team One has put together a list of our top tile and grout cleaning products from the best mop to clean tile floors to the best tile floor cleaner solution. Best of all, our list has products in every price range to best suit your needs.

When to Hire Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sometimes the best advice for knowing how to clean and maintain tiled surfaces is learning when to call in the professionals. We suggest hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service when hard water stains, dirty grout, and mildew don’t respond to the cleaning methods in our guide. In this case, Seal Team One’s experienced professionals can get the job done, saving you valuable time and effort.

Seal Team One has the experience of a professional tile and grout cleaning service when regular tile and grout maintenance just won’t work. We’re here to help clean and maintain tiled surfaces so that they always shine bright for years to come.