Your new tile floor is finally finished and you want to keep it pristine with regular cleanings. But don’t forget about the grout in between those tiles! Grout maintenance is also necessary to keep your floors sparkling and in good condition and we have the ways to show you how to keep grout clean.

Tips for How to Keep Grout Clean

While grout cleaning is often overlooked in favor of tile maintenance, grout is what traps dirt and, eventually, shows that dirt more than the tiles themselves. This is because grout is porous, absorbing water and cleaning fluid but not the dirt that is carried by those liquids.

Not only can this lead to unappealing grout lines but cracks as well, necessitating costly floor repair. Read on for how to keep grout clean, starting with having it properly sealed.

Have Tile and Grout Professionally Sealed

Grout sealer works by protecting your grout through one of two ways: a topical coating that prevents absorption of liquids or a penetrating coating that fills the porous holes in the grout, preventing dirt from filling them instead. The type of sealant you choose is up to you but we do recommend using a professional to accomplish the task.

Professionally applied grout sealant will not only last longer than a home-kit sealer but also make cleaning your tile floor easier. Consider it an investment that gives you the gifts of time and a long-lasting tile floor! Here at Seal Team One we provide exceptional grout sealing service, backed by a warranty. Give us a call to discuss not only how to keep grout clean, but even how to keep grout white with a professional sealant!

how to keep grout clean

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Be Careful Mopping Floors with Grout

While regular mopping keeps your tiles looking their best, the longer your mop, the dirtier your cleaning water or solution becomes. The tile is a large surface, especially compared to the grout, and the mop then pushes all this dirty water into your grout.

How to Clean Grouted Floors Safely

Here are some cleaning tips on how to keep grout clean while mopping:

  • Vacuum or sweep your tile floor before a wet cleaning to remove loose dirt
  • Use a spray bottle to apply a neutral, daily-use cleaner to the tile and allow it to sit for 3-4 minutes. Use as little liquid as possible.
  • Mop the floor with a microfiber or Swiffer-type mop, using a clean towel to remove any water that settles in the grout lines.

how to clean grout clean when mopping

Avoid Heavy Duty Cleaning

In researching how to keep floor grout clean for a heavily stained surface, you may notice commercial grout cleaners and materials promising miracles. Not only are these products largely ineffective, they may even damage your grout and tiles. We recommend a professional deep cleaning to safely do the job.

Let Seal Team One be your tile and grout cleaning service! We use the most advanced cleaning technology that will enable your tile and grout to be better protected against future stains. Call us for a free estimate and discover how to keep grout clean with little time and effort!