Sealing is the best way to keep your granite, marble, or tile surfaces pristine. Permanent sealing protects natural stone (which is porous) from soaking up liquid from drips and spills. When most homeowners inquire about stone sealing services, one of the first questions they ask is, “How long does sealing take?” The truth is, without evaluating the stone surfaces, it’s almost impossible to answer that question exactly.

how long does sealing take

Factors That Affect How Long Does Sealing Take

When we get asked, “How long does sealing take?”, we tell customers that it depends on several different factors, including stone type, surface size, and additional needs.

  • Stone Type – Do you need sealing for granite, marble, tile, or other natural stone? Each of these surfaces has different sealing requirements.
  • Surface Size – This on is pretty obvious, but sealing an entire marble floor will take longer than sealing a small bathroom countertop.
  • Restoration Needs – If your stone surface needs any restoration, such as chip or crack repair, this will add to the time it takes to seal your stone surface.

Our Sealing Process

Our stone sealing service is a three-step process, consisting of cleaning, more cleaning, and sealing.

  • Deep Clean – First, we deep clean each surface that needs sealing with a powerful emulsifying cleanser.
  • Steam Clean – Then we steam clean the surface. This eliminates any bacteria from the stone.
  • Permanent Seal – Finally, we seal the surface with a special sealant that forms a permanent, invisible barrier. This barrier repels liquids, preventing spills from soaking into your porous stone surface.

The good news is, you can get a free estimate for natural stone sealing from Seal Team One. We’ll get some basic information from you, then let you know how long it will take to seal your granite, marble, or tile surface.