sealing outdoor countertopsAn outdoor kitchen will provide you and your family with terrific opportunities to relax and entertain in the beauty of your backyard. Much like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen may contain luxurious kitchen elements, such as granite counters. To protect your granite from the elements, it is essential to treat your counters with granite sealer. A company offering granite cleaning and granite sealer will be able to provide you with all of the services you need to keep your outdoor counters in beautiful condition. To help you get started on your granite sealer installation, here is a look at the steps of sealing your outdoor countertops.

Choose the Best Sealer

When you are scheduling granite sealing services, it is essential to select the best sealer for your particular applications. With a variety of sealant products to choose from, you will need to work with your sealing technician to determine what type of sealer is best for your outdoor space. You will want to choose a sealer that is food safe, and that will fully protect your outdoor countertops from stains and spills.

Apply Carefully

To ensure that your outdoor countertops are properly sealed, you will want to hire a professional technician to perform this service. Your granite sealing specialist will have the knowledge and tools required to seal your countertops to perfection. Typically, your seal will be installed in multiple thin coats, which are left to dry between applications. This will help to ensure that the sealer fully bonds with the surface of the granite.

Check for Scratches

After your countertops have been sealed, it is a great idea to check the surface of your counters for scratches. When a scratch appears on your countertop, it will typically be in the sealer, rather than the countertop material itself. Small scratches can be remedied by applying a small amount of new sealer to the mark’s surface. After the sealer has been applied, it can be buffed away, leaving a shiny and fresh surface underneath.