Ready to redo that outdated shower? Then check out the hottest shower tile design trends 2019 has to offer. We’ll take a peek at modern bathroom tile trends including shower wall tile to get your creative juices flowing.

As you prepare to remodel your bathroom, consider the current shower tile trends 2019 and freshen up your bathroom with a new look. There are some remarkable trends that will ignite your creativity and invite you to show off those interior design skills.

Shower Tile Design Trends 2019

Get ready to be inspired by the shower design trends 2019! Without further ado, here is what’s trending:

#1 – Patterned Tile

Move over plain- patterned tiles are taking center stage! Bathroom tile trends used to be more understated. Previously used as a small accent tile, patterned tiles are now becoming more of a showcase piece to highlight the artisanship of today’s rooms. This is one of the most popular shower tile design trends 2019.

patterned tiles shower tile trends

Image from Rustico Tile and Stone

#2 – Metallic Tile

Yep. You will start seeing the shiny edge of metallic tiles cropping up in shower tile design trends 2019. These modern tiles are right in line with today’s design trends and are fast becoming a cult favorite.

metallic tile trends

Image from Threefold Architects


#3 – Honeycomb Tile

The nature-inspired draw of honeycomb is leaving its footprint on bathroom tile trends this year. Designers love this geometric shape and it’s proving to be popular both on the walls and flooring of modern bathrooms everywhere. Of all the shower tile design trends 2019, this one is classic and modern in perfect harmony.

shower wall tiles

Image from Laurel and Wolf


#4 – Fish Scale Tile

What better place for fish scale tiles than in the bathroom where the water is? The fun patterns of fish scale tiles just might make you want to take a plunge into the bathtub to unleash your inner mermaid. This trend started peeking through the surface in 2016, as homeowners like the soft dimension the fish scale tiles lend to the room.

fish scale tiles

Image from The Nest


#5 – Colored Tile

The possibilities are endless with colored tile! You are only restricted by your imagination here. Colored tile can be used with shiny or matte finishes, patterns, solids, you name the idea and colored tiles will bring it to life.

Image from


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