As anyone with pets can tell you, our furry friends are part of the family. They brighten up our day when we get home from work, provide important companionship, and are just plain cute. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural stone floor care tips, pets require you to be extra vigilant about stains, scratches, and etching on your tiles.

We’ve put together a list of helpful stone floor care tips to help you keep your floors looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. By learning how to take care of your stone floors, you’ll be able to reduce signs of wear and tear, catch stains before they permanently alter your floor, and reduce scratching caused by your pet’s nails.

Natural Stone Floor Care Tips for Pet Owners

#1 – Clean Up Accidents ASAP

All natural stones used for flooring, whether it’s granite, slate, or clay, are porous to some extent, which means they will absorb spills over time. When your pets have an accident inside, it’s important to wipe it up immediately before it has time to seep into the stone. Not only can this stain your stone permanently, it can also trap the smells from your pet’s urine in the stone. Once a stain has set into stone tiles, it is extremely difficult to get the stain and the accompanying smell back out. In addition, pet urine is acidic, which can cause some calcium rich stone, like limestone or travertine, to erode. Use a ph-neutral cleaner to get up any pet accidents on your stone tiles.

#2 – Use Mats & Rugs

Your pet’s nails are sharper than you might think. If you can hear their nails clicking or scratching on the floor, they are probably leaving marks behind on your tile. Over time these scratches will start to accumulate and dull the shine of your natural stone tiles. Make sure when you get your pets groomed, that you get their nails trimmed back as well. It will be more comfortable for them, and it will dramatically increase the life of your stone floors.

caring for natural stone floors

#3 – Wipe Off Paws

When you get back home after taking your animals for a walk, try to wipe off their paws before they walk on the stone tiles. Wet and dirty paws will track in all kinds of mud and dirt that can seep into the surface of your stone floors. It’s a good idea to keep an old towel by the door that you can use to quickly dry off any damp paws after a walk.

#4 – Have Your Floors Professionally Sealed

All stone tiles require sealing at some point. By having your natural stone floors professionally sealed, you can avoid most stains and scratching. Most professionals recommend testing your floors sealant every three months or so to ensure that you’ve got a good coat. If your floor’s sealant is wearing off, you should get it resealed as soon as possible.