Tile and grout can get dirty pretty easily, so it’s important to do some regular maintenance. But who wants to put in all that scrubbing and elbow grease? With these tile and grout cleaning products, you don’t have to!

Scoop up these products for routine cleaning tile and grout, and call Seal Team One for professional cleaning services.

Amazon’s Top 5 Tile & Grout Cleaning Products

iRobot Braava Jet Mop – $169.00

This is one of the easiest-to-use tile and grout cleaning products on our list — just push start! The iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop sweeps and mops tile floors in any room, including hard-to-reach places like below cabinets. This smart mop chooses the correct cleaning mode based on pad type, so you can set it and forget it.

tile and grout cleaning products

Reusable Lint Roller for Tile Floors – $19.48

We all know lint rollers are perfect for removing dog hair from clothes, but did you know they actually work great as tile and grout cleaning products too? The Schticky Reusable Lint Roller has an extendable handle so you can easily remove all sorts of spills from the floor without breaking your back. The sticky roller is washable and works on virtually any surface in your home.

tile floor lint roller

Rubber Broom – $14.34

If you own pets, you definitely need this tile and grout cleaning product. The rubber bristles are perfect for sweeping up hair, dust, and lint without scratching your floors. You can even use the built-in rubber squeegee to clean windows and wet spills on tile or other stone surfaces.

rubber broom cleaning tile

Grout Bleach Pen – $10.41

For small grout stains, these Clorox Bleach pens are a must-have. The small pens allow you to quickly remove stains in your grout lines without too much work. Set of four dual tip pens offers a fine point tip and broad scrubber. Use on white grout.

grout cleaning products

Spin Scrubber – $42.99

For everday tile and grout cleaning, products like the Hurricane Spin Scrubber work wonders. This rotating bristle head does much of the work for you. This tile cleaning gadget includes three scrubbing heads and a charger. Use the Hurricane in the shower, on tile floors, and more.


These tile and grout cleaning gadgets can help cut down your routine cleaning time. For more thorough natural stone cleaning and sealing, request a free estimate from Seal Team One today.