prevent shower soap scumIf you notice a heavy buildup of soap scum in your shower or bathroom, you should invest in professional tile and grout cleaning services. Professional grout cleaning and tile restoration services will help you maintain the comfort and beauty of your bathroom. Here are some great tips from grout cleaning and tile restoration experts for preventing soap scum in your shower.

Begin by Completely Cleaning Tile and Grout

Before you start thinking about preventing soap scum buildup, you need to completely remove existing soap scum. A tile and grout repair expert can provide professional tile and grout cleaning services and thoroughly remove all traces of soap scum. You should also maintain the appearance of your bathroom tile and grout by using a bathroom tile cleaning and grout cleaning product daily, or after every shower or bath. If you have glass shower doors, you should use a squeegee and glass cleaner. After cleaning, wipe down the tiles with a soft, dry towel.

Consider Tile Restoration or Re-grouting Tile

If soap scum buildup is particularly bad, you may need to consider tile restoration or completely re-grouting tiles. Your professional grout cleaner and tile restoration expert can determine how damaged your bathroom tiles are. If your bathroom tile cleaning and grout cleaning service cannot confidently clean existing soap scum, they will recommend tile restoration and re-grouting tiles. They can make your tile and grout look new again, and prime the surfaces for the application of tile and grout sealant.

Apply Grout Sealant and Tile Sealant

Sealing grout and tile prevents moisture from seeping into the pores, and creates a slick surface that soap scum cannot stick to. Tile and grout sealing also reduces the likelihood that your bathroom tiles will become damaged by other elements that may stain, chip, or crack them. After the application of a tile and grout sealant, you will not have to spend as much time or money on bathroom tile cleaning or grout cleaning.