Although mortar and grout are both cement-based products used in masonry, and although the terms “mortar” and “grout” are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually serve very different purposes. Mortar is used to make materials stick together, while grout is used as a filler product. For example, mortar is typically placed in the joints between bricks and blocks and grout is used to fill the spaces between tile after mortar has cured. Grout also usually has a higher water content than mortar, which makes it easier to spread.

One of the things that is the same for mortar and grout is that both products can stain and make the surrounding brick or tile surfaces look dingy and dirty. Fortunately, there are grout cleaning companies that can bring stone and tile surfaces to like-new condition. You can also have these companies apply special mortar and grout sealing products that repel moisture, dirt, and other stains for longer-lasting and more beautiful-looking surfaces.