Outdoor Cleaning San Diego: Concrete, Tile, Patios…

Exterior surfaces composed of natural stone, concrete, or brick need to be sealed in order to help protect them against efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage and spalling. Protect your exterior surfaces with our outdoor sealing services. We offer quality work on everything from concrete driveways to parking lot pavement cleaning.

We Clean Outdoor Surfaces in San Diego

Our outdoor cleaning processes and sealers are vastly superior to the others, with performance that is unmatched.

Seal Team One’s unique formulation provides maximum depth of penetration, and creates a chemical bond to the material, resulting in protection against efflorescence, salt attack, and freeze-thaw damage.

Our stone sealers provide maximum oil and water repellency for stain protection of Natural Stone, Pavers, Tile, Concrete, Terrazzo, Brick, and Grout.

The products we use allow the treated surface to remain “breathable” so that moisture trapped below the surface can escape freely as water vapor.

Our exterior surface cleaning services include:

  • Exterior Tile Cleaning – Seal Team One offers quality cleaning for exterior tile surfaces. We remove mold, mildew, and other stains from your outdoor tile.
  • Pavement Cleaning – Over time, dirt, debris, and the elements take a toll on outdoor materials. Our pavement cleaning San Diego service will restore the surface’s appearance like new.
  • Outdoor Tile Cleaning – When you install outdoor tile, you want it to be seen. Our outdoor tile cleaning experts will have your tiles looking like they were installed yesterday.
  • Patio Cleaning – Seal Team One is the most experienced patio cleaning service in the area. Let us restore your concrete, brick, paved, and stone patio surfaces to their former glory.
  • Driveway Cleaning – Nothing affects the curb appeal of your home like your driveway. Seal Team One’s driveway cleaning San Diego specialists will remove any oil, rust, paint, dirt, or hard water stains to restore its appearance.
  • Concrete Cleaning – Dirt, stains, and debris easily ruin the smooth, even look of a driveway. Our Seal Team One concrete cleaning San Diego experts can rejuvenate any exterior surface.

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Outdoor Pavement Cleaning

driveway cleaning san diego

Keeping paved surfaces looking new requires care and regular cleaning. Maintain all of your paved outdoor surfaces with professional patio, garage, and driveway cleaning from Seal Team One. Our services will help:

  • Remove stains from oil, dirt & more
  • Restore appearance of surfaces
  • Extend lifespan of pavement

Outdoor Tile Cleaning

outdoor cleaning San Diego

The beauty of tile can fade over time if left to the elements. Our outdoor cleaning San Diego specialists specialize in cleaning all tile surfaces, as well as natural stone, brick, terrazzo, and more. Give us a call today, and we will:

  • Remove mold, mildew & stains
  • Restore brilliance of tile & grout
  • Make tiled surfaces look brand new