Tile and Grout Cleaning San Diego

Tile and Grout Cleaning
San Diego

If the tile and grout in your bathroom or kitchen have become stained, you may be worried that there’s nothing you can do to get them looking clean and beautiful again. In fact, you may have already considered having them replaced just to avoid the cleaning and restoration process.

Our tile and grout cleaning San Diego services will cut your cleaning time in half, making cleaning easier than ever before.

Before you take any drastic measures, read more about how Seal Team One of San Diego can get rid of your grout and tile nightmares.

Get Amazing Results From Our Tile & Grout Cleaning San Diego Experts

Your Grout and Tile Will Repel Stains!

  • We use the most advanced grout colorant for like-new results.
  • Your tile will repel soap scum, dirt, liquids, and other stain hazards to make regular household cleaning easier.
  • Our process ensures your grout and tile will repel oil and have a higher level of protection against stains.
  • Your grout will be easier to clean when spills occur.

Call Us to Get Started with a Free Estimate!

Do not hesitate to ask us about our tile and grout cleaning and sealing, grout removal, and new grouting services. Here at our granite and stone sealing company, Seal Team One, we do exceptional work that is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty! For a complimentary estimate, give us a call at (866) 929-7325.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning San Diego Service Menu

Whether you need expert shower tile cleaning San Diego services or kitchen tile backsplash cleaning, Seal Team One can take on the job. We’ll have any of the following surfaces looking brand new in no time.

Stone Countertop Cleaning

Stone Countertop Cleaning San Diego

Regularly cleaning and sealing your stone countertops will keep them looking brand new. Our services can help with:

  • Damage prevention
  • Blocking stains
  • Easy spill cleanup

Shower Tile & Glass Cleaning

Shower Tile Cleaning San Diego

Your shower tile and glass will sparkle with our shower tile cleaning San Deigo services. Our process helps prevent:

  • Mold & mildew growth
  • Stained grout
  • Soap scum buildup

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning

Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning San Diego

Stone and tile floors can get dirty FAST from everyday use. Luckily, we at Seal Team One clean most stone floor surfaces:

  • Granite
  • Tile
  • And more!

Tile Backsplash Cleaning

Backsplash Cleaning San Diego

Backsplashes are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Our tile cleaning services give you:

  • Stain-free grout
  • Sparkling tile
  • Easy spot cleanups

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ

Cleaning and sealing your grout and tile is the best decision you can make for enhancing the appearance of your home. Chances are that you have some questions about the process though, and you’re not alone! If you’re wondering how tile and grout cleaning San Diego works and why it’s important, check out some of these frequently asked questions:

Q: Why is tile & grout cleaning necessary?

A: Over time, dirt and grime will build up deep inside your grout & tile leading to severe discoloration. And despite your best efforts, the only way to fully restore their appearance is to have them professionally cleaned.

Q: How does the cleaning process work?

A: Deep-cleaning tile & grout requires extreme water pressure. We utilize a high-pressure rotary tool with rotating water jets along with special cleaners made specifically for this process. This is the only way to effectively remove embedded dirt, grime, and any waxy buildup that’s accumulated since your last cleaning.

Q: What are the benefits of sealing grout lines?

A: If you’ve ever taken a close look at them, your grout lines are extremely porous. That means they tend to absorb spilled liquids quickly, which leads to staining that can’t be removed without professional cleaning service. What sealing does is create a barrier of protection over you grout which repels dirt and liquids, allowing you enough time to clean the mess before it completely soaks in.

Q: How long does tile floor cleaning take?

A: The amount of time it takes to clean your tile floors can vary depending on how dirty the grout lines are, the layout of the room, and the size of the tiles themselves. An average-size room will take roughly 30-60 minutes for tile floor cleaning. If you decide to have them sealed as well, the process will take around two to three hours from start to finish.

Q: How long should I wait between floor cleanings?

A: Unlike an oil change in your car, there is no set timetable for how often you should have your floors professionally cleaned. The frequency depends on how much foot traffic you have in a certain area, and whether you have children or pets living in your home. You’ll have to decide for yourself just how much dirt and staining you can take before you call the cleaning and sealing experts at Seal Team One!

Feel free to contact us with any other questions about local stone cleaning. Whether you need tile floor cleaning San Diego service or something else, we’re here to help!

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