Surface Sealing Services San Diego

At Seal Team One of San Diego, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We do everything possible to see that our clients receive the standard of service they deserve. We offer a one of a kind surface sealing service in San Diego. Our proprietary cleaning and sealing process ensures that even the hardest to clean surfaces look like new and resist future stains.

Our Surface Sealing Services in San Diego

  • Interior Cleaning and Sealing: We deep-clean and seal countertops, backsplashes, grout lines, floors, entryways, showers, tub surrounds, fireplaces, and all other stone surfaces, making them impervious to staining and easy to keep clean.
  • Grout and Caulk Services  We clean, repair, and replace missing grout, and remove/replace caulk.
  • Grout Dying Services: Sometimes grout won’t come clean….no matter how hard we try. In that event, or if you’d simply like to change the look of your tiled surface, we can dye grout lines to make them look new again…..and you can even change the color.
  • Outdoor Surfaces: We clean and seal exterior surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and patios to protect them from staining, efflorescence, freeze-thaw, mold, and a host of other potential problems caused by weather.
  • Restoration: We repair and restore damaged and abused stone surfaces, fix chips and cracks in stone, repair damaged seams, and restore the shine and luster to tired and worn out surfaces.
  • Shower Glass: We clean shower glass to remove the water spotting and mineral deposits…then seal it so that it stays looking new.

What Do Our Services Include?

  • Our San Diego surface sealing technicians deep clean the surface using proprietary cleaners that emulsify the dirt and other contaminants that have been absorbed into the surface.
  • We use a commercial grade pressure steamer to expunge the contaminants and sanitize the surface.
  • We clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean…..and then seal.
  • We offer a no-nonsense, written, limited lifetime warranty against staining.
  • Did we mention that we clean?

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