Granite Honing Seattle

Granite Honig Seattle

Granite countertops, granite floors, or any other granite surfaces are a major investment. You try to protect that investment as best you can, but things happen. Granite chips and scratches, but don’t worry! You don’t have to replace the entire slab. At Seal Team One, we offer granite honing Seattle services to restore your fine surfaces.

Granite Honing Seattle Services

At Seal Team One, we know that granite isn’t just for countertops. We can repair all your granite surfaces. From countertops to granite floors, we’ve got you covered. Chips and cracks in granite can make your surface look old and dingy. Call us today to get them back to their original luster!

Granite Surfaces We Hone:

  • Granite floors
  • Granite countertops
  • Granite backsplashes
  • Granite showers

Granite Honing in Seattle:

  • Granite chip repair
  • Granite crack repair
  • Restore dull granite
  • Granite stain removal
  • Granite cleaning and sealing

Before Granite Honing

granite honing seattle before

After Granite Honing

granite honing seattle after

Seal Team One Granite Honing Reviews

Why Seal Team One for Granite Honing Seattle?

When your granite needs honing or restoration, you need to hire someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. You can rest assured that your granite surfaces are in the best hands when you hire Seal Team One of Seattle. We offer free estimates on granite honing in Seattle, excellent customer service, and the highest-quality restorations. Please give us a call if you have any questions about honing or restoring your granite surfaces.

Granite Maintenance Tips

While sealing and restoring granite surfaces is perfect for making them look like new again, regular maintenance is still a must. Cleaning and maintaining them correctly will help them stay beautiful forever. You can use a granite-specific cleaner or clean with soap and water. Make sure to follow these steps when cleaning granite with soap and water:

How to clean granite with soap and water:

  1. Remove spills/crumbs with sponge
  2. Soak sponge in warm, soapy water
  3. Wipe granite surface clean with soapy sponge
  4. Dry granite with soft, clean cloth

Granite 411

Make sure to use a soft cloth on granite to avoid scuffs or scratches. Soap can leave a hazy film on granite, so you must wipe away all soapy residue with a wet cloth and then dry it.

Seal Team One Seattle Services

We offer many other services in addition to granite honing. Whether you need your countertops cleaned or your shower surface sealed, we can help!

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