Marble Honing Seattle

Marble Honing Seattle

One of the best investments you can make in your home is installing marble floors, countertops, walls and more. If you have marble surfaces, don’t just ‘set it and forget it’. Marble should be maintained professionally to keep it looking as elegant and classy as when you first installed it. Seal Team One offers marble honing Seattle services to do just that.

If you have chipped, stained, or scratched marble, don’t worry. There’s no need to just live with it, or totally replace it. Our Seattle marble honing specialists can fix the damage and seal it to protect from future accidents.

Marble Honing Seattle Experts


Don’t leave your marble honing needs to just anyone. Make sure you hire a company that knows how to properly care for your stone and will protect your investment. That’s us!

At Seal Team One of Seattle, our number one priority is making sure we deliver the best results to every customer, every time. We take our time to make sure the job is done right, and that you’re satisfied with the finished product. With years of experience cleaning, sealing and restoring marble surfaces, our team will have your marble looking like new. We offer free estimates on marble honing in Seattle. Just call (866) 488-1348  or request an estimate online.

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Marble Honing in Seattle

If you’re tired of looking at scratched or stained marble countertops or floors, don’t wait to get it fixed. We offer a variety of services on natural stone surfaces, including marble honing, cleaning and sealing. No matter the surface, Seal Team One Seattle experts will make sure you love looking at your marble once again.

Common Marble Surfaces:

  • Marble countertops
  • Marble floors
  • Marble backsplashes
  • Marble showers
  • Marble walls

Common Marble Problems:

  • Scratched marble – We restore it!
  • Cracked marble – We fix it!
  • Dull marble – We shine it!
  • Etched marble – We repair it!
  • Stained marble – We clean it!
  • Raw marble – We seal it!

Marble Surface Care Tips

Because marble is considered a ‘soft’ stone, it can stain, scratch, and damage more easily than you might think. However, you can keep it in peak condition by following a few marble maintenance tips and having it professionally cleaned and sealed when necessary.

Maintaining Marble:

  • Protect marble from abrasive surfaces by using:
    • Trivets
    • Coasters
    • Trays
    • Cutting boards
    • Rugs for marble floors
  • Wipe up spills quickly and thoroughly
  • DIY clean surface regularly
    • Combine gentle dish detergent and warm water in (avoid anything acidic)
    • Spray marble surface with solution
    • Rinse solution with hot, wet cloth
    • Dry marble with a soft towel
  • Call Seal Team One of Seattle to clean marble when needed
  • Have us seal your marble to further protect it
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Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Seattle

Marble honing Seattle isn’t the only service we provide at Seal Team One. We clean, seal and restore all types of granite, tile, stone and more. Take a look at all the other services we offer and see if any will help your home be more beautiful!

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