Our Product

Seal It Forever With Seal Team One of Everett

Our sealer was originally developed in 1991 as a sealant to protect large structures made of concrete, such as bridges, docks, and piers, in some of the toughest of conditions imaginable. From this original product, a sealer was developed for residential use.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

Stone, grout, concrete, and brick surfaces are porous and must be sealed in order to be protected from staining and from numerous other potential problems. All other sealers are “topical”….that is, they work by providing a thin layer of Teflon or other siloxane substances over the surface of the stone. These thin layers wear away…usually within a few months, and must be re-applied over and over again. Unfortunately, they don’t always wear away evenly, so over time there are several layers of these chemical substances in some areas, and none in others. Eventually, cleaning becomes a matter of smearing things from one area to another.

Our approach to protecting stone surfaces is radically different; We use technology to alter the molecules in the stone so that the stone itself becomes repellant. There is nothing to wear off because, in effect, the material we have treated has, in fact, become the sealer. Quadrillions of engineered molecules permanently bond with the molecule in the stone itself and create an invisible barrier that permanently repels all liquids….without changing any other characteristic of the material.

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